Advanced Labeling and Packaging

Our complete and total commitment to advancing patient safety is embodied through our first-in-class labeling, packaging, and cutting-edge bar code scanning technology designed to help reduce the potential for medication errors.

Benefits of Unit Dose

Reduce medication Errors The bar codes are readable by scanners in most point-of-care medication administration systems
Prevent Diversion Our tamper-evident packaging enhances patient care by helping to reduce the potential for diversion and reuse of unused drug.
Improve Inventory Management Access to unit-dose products allows pharmacy to store less of bulk medication and reduces waste of medication
Provide Precision Dosing A simple scan ensures the right drug and concentration are delivered to the right customer.

Pre-Filled Oral Syringes

Tamper-evident cap to enhance protection
Individual barcode for bedside scanning
TALLman Lettering for better dug recognition
Ruber-free grommet to prevent leaching

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